Compounding Medications at Stonebridge

animal hospital mckinneyA wise professor once told me that medications don’t do any good when they’re still in the bottle. Many veterinary patients (especially kitties) resist taking tablets or capsules by mouth. In an effort to make life easier for pet owners and assure that patients receive the medications they need, Dr. Mapes is able to compound those drugs into liquid form. Dosing is usually much easier this way and has proven to be helpful for a lot of our patients at our animal hospital McKinney.

Compounding medication is not difficult – mainly an exercise in mathematics. We calculate the milligrams of medication needed at each administration and then figure in the amount of liquid needed to dissolve that medication. This is multiplied by the number of administrations in one month and voila – we have the formula.

Once the compounding is done, we select the most appropriate bottle or vial to use so that drawing up the formula is easiest. We end up with a container that has a plastic top through which a syringe can be inserted to withdraw the desired amount of liquid. It’s then just a matter of squirting the medication into the mouth.

The easiest way to give liquid medication is usually to pull up the lip on one side, insert the tip of the syringe into the area between the cheek and gum line, and just squirt the meds into that space.

The compounding base we’ve been using at our animal hospital McKinney is a liquid vitamin supplement that tastes like molasses. It works very well in dissolving the medications, but occasionally patients don’t like that flavor and resist taking even the liquid form.

We’ve recently added beef and tuna flavoring to entice the more stubborn patients – dogs like the beef and kitties usually prefer the tuna. Now instead of battling to get pills or capsules into their pets, our clients at our animal hospital McKinney are able to squirt a little liquid – that tastes good – down the hatch and the medications are given. The patient receives the medication needed while thinking it’s a nice treat.

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