Laser Surgery: Best Cure for Stenotic Nares


An important component of the Brachycephalic Respiratory Syndrome is stenotic nares, a situation in which the nostrils are congenitally closed. This prevents normal flow of air in and out of the respiratory system, leading to other breathing problems that cause chronic difficulty in patients.

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This is seen predominantly in brachycephalic breeds of dogs and cats, and it is particularly common in Pugs, Boston Terriers, and Persian cats.

Breathing difficulty caused by stenotic nares causes snorting and wheezing as animals attempt to move air past the closed-off openings. Breathing can be especially difficult during sleep, when the mouth is closed and air must enter through tiny slits that should be wide openings. The increased respiratory effort can lead to swelling of arytenoid cartilages in the larynx, which further complicates breathing.

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Sammie is a fantastic little Pug that came to me, his vet in McKinney, through the DFW Pug Rescue. A first impression of Sammie showed pronounced snorting and difficulty in breathing, something that Sammie had dealt with his whole life. His nares were completely closed, as in the figure above, and we noted that he exerted a lot of energy to breath during sleep.

Our vet in McKinney contacted the Pug Rescue director, who agreed to allow laser surgical repair of Sammie’s restricted airway. The procedure was completed, and Sammie’s breathing has improved markedly; he even sleeps peacefully now without waking up to pant.

The laser allows us to remove extra nostril tissue without bleeding, which was a major complication of surgical correction of this disorder when we used scalpel blades. The patient simply wakens from laser surgery with a new lease on life, as breathing is no longer a major undertaking.

It’s yet another advancement in medicine brought about by new technologies that allow vets in McKinney to help animals in ways that were difficult or impossible before. Medicine just keeps getting better and better!

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