The Beauty of Adopting Rescues By Dr. Ed Mapes Stonebridge Animal Hospital McKinney, TX

The Beauty of Adopting Rescues
By Dr. Ed Mapes
Stonebridge Animal Hospital
McKinney, TX

Vet McKinney TXAs a vet in McKinney, TX, I provide services for the DFW Lab Rescue, DFW Pug Rescue, and the Legacy Humane Society; there are a lot of rescue dogs coming through this hospital.  We’ve all seen the commercials about the heartbreaking plight of many of these animals, and we know that it’s just hard to see.  Well, it’s even harder to witness these stories in real life.  Many of these animals have been rescued from terrible circumstances; they’re suffering from an array of medical conditions, and they’ve never experienced the love or care that they deserve.

You’d think that these beaten-down animals would be scared of humans and act out aggressively against them; but the opposite is most often the case.  These dogs turn out to be the greatest family members and blend into households as if they were meant to be there.

During my time as a vet in McKinney, TX, I have seen so many adopted rescues, and I’ve followed their progress: from the medical care they need, to finally getting them healthy, to finding their way to a foster that helps assimilate them into a more normal environment, and then finally to being discovered and adopted by a loving family. It brings me real satisfaction and great happiness to watch these dogs go through this progression from mistreated and unhealthy to thriving in a new home and becoming integral members of a great family.

I have come to understand that regaining their health and finally being loved and treated properly has a profound effect on these dogs that had never experienced such treatment before. After having been abused, starved, ignored, and beaten, these animals appreciate, crave, and thrive in their new surroundings.

As a vet in McKinney, I’ve been fortunate to witness success story after success story with hundreds of these cases, and I feel honored to be a participant in the rejuvenation of these needing and deserving dogs.  I would encourage anyone considering a new family addition to consider the rescue agencies out there first.  There are always dogs available and ready for adoption; you can join us in experiencing the warm feelings of helping these deserving animals.

Vet McKinney TX
Stonebridge Animal Hospital
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