Alicam: New Diagnostic Technology at Our Animal Hospital in McKinney

Animal Hospital McKinneyDiagnosis of gastrointestinal problems can be challenging and can involve multiple procedures to determine cause(s) of vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, reduced protein levels, and other chronic symptoms. At our animal hospital in McKinney, we use blood profiles and specific tests for pancreatic, liver, and intestinal disorders. Stool analyses, radiographs, barium contrast radiographs, ultrasound, and endoscopy are also tests available to aid in our efforts to diagnose patients.

An innovative technology has become available, and it allows us for the first time to visualize images of the entire gastrointestinal tract from stomach to colon. At our animal hospital in McKinney, we can now actually see pathology within the stomach and intestines, rather than infer its presence with prior testing modalities.

This new device, known as Alicam, is swallowed by the patient and takes lighted photographic images of the structures as it’s taken through the intestinal tract. These images are then viewed on a computer screen to aid in diagnosis.

We insert the device – which is enclosed within a capsule similar to those used in medications – at the hospital. There is no need for the patient to be hospitalized at that point; they return home and the owners observe bowel movements until the device reappears.

Once returned to the hospital, it is returned to the company, where images are derived and reviewed by specialists to aid in diagnosis. We are then provided with the images and a thorough description of findings, and I am able to discuss diagnosis and treatment options with the internal medicine specialists. The images are direct evidence of pathology and guide us to more definitive treatment recommendations and better patient care.

We are happy to offer this advanced technology to our patients, and appreciate this new method to aid in our diagnoses.


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