Nutritional Supplements

Innovative Enhancement in Patient Care
By Dr. Ed Mapes
Stonebridge Animal Hospital

A conscientious doctor constantly searches for new and innovative ways to improve patient care. I have discovered a fabulous line of supplements that has proven to help our patients in a variety of ways, and have implemented them where beneficial in our protocols.

These products were originally designed for human use; predominately to neutralize the effects of aging. I figure it this way: if they’re efficacious and safe in humans, then they should be good enough for our patients! Among the wide range of benefits that these supplements provide:

  • Increases cellular ATP – the cells’ energy source. More energy = enhanced
  • To improve brain activity for enhanced memory and reasoning capacity
  • Expand immune function to fight disease and control tumor development
  • Greatly elevate antioxidant levels
  • Increase energy levels
  • Stimulates your body’s ability to create the nutrients it needs
  • Resets and restores the inflammatory balance
  • Stimulates and intensifies tissue regeneration… even in the brain
  • Enhances sexual libido and performance

Gene Expression describes the activity undertaken by our genes in performing the tasks for which they were designed. Without gene expression, functions and systems within the body deteriorate. The aging process brings about a “hibernation” of hundreds of our genes. We see changes such as the hair turning grey, skin becoming less resilient, thought processes and memory that diminish, immune systems become compromised, joints ache, and tumor growth and disease rates increase, along with many other consequences.

Gene activation and the restoration of their end products can control these effects and literally counteract the effects of aging – when those genes are stimulated to function normally again. The effects can be dramatic and profound, and now our animal patients are benefitting from this technology and getting healthier.

We’ve seen improvements in animals with dementia – that have regained their vigor. With spinal spondylosis so that they’re pain free. Achieving tumor regression. Maintaining joint health after major orthopedic surgeries. Promotion of immune stimulation to counteract infection and immune-mediated disease, etc. etc.

I had taken anti-depressant medication for 16 years, and in the last year also developed hypertension for which more medication was necessary. After taking two of these supplements for a period of 7 weeks, I am now off all medications entirely and my blood pressure is normal and the depression is gone; I can personally attest to the benefits derived from these natural supplements from sources around the world.

We are proud to have discovered these products to provide even better patient care, and promise to continue our diligence in finding more ways to improve our medicine.

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