Veterinary McKinney TX

Canine Golden Age Wellness Program

For dogs from ages 14 years and up
Designed to protect the health of your golden age dog

This annual program includes:Veterinary McKinney TX

Comprehensive examination
Blood Chemistry Analysis
Complete CBC
Thyroid Hormone Testing
Intestinal Parasite Testing
Heartworm and Tick-Borne Disease
Blood Pressure Analysis
EKG Heart Analysis

We at Stonebridge Animal Hospital firmly believe that older dogs deserve our best efforts to keep them feeling good. They give so much to us; our job is to give back to them. Our special program helps us to find ailments that rob these great dogs of their well-being and can make them miserable in the golden years. Tooth and gum disease, musculoskeletal pain from arthritis and spinal disorders, hypothyroidism, renal insufficiency, skin ailments, and certain cancers are seen more often in these patients. New techniques such as digital radiography, in-house blood testing, and dental radiography are modern methods that help us diagnose problems.

New treatments such as laser therapy, stem cell implantation, and ultra-modern dental units allow us to provide relief from pain. We’re determined to make life great again for these special patients.

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