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Digestive Upset and Visiting the Animal Hospital in McKinney, TX

It seems like the more we know about dog health, the more there is to watch out for. If your dog spends time outdoors, there are dangers that you may not know exist. Locale can be an issue for dogs eating critters that they shouldn’t. In the southern states, your dog could try to eat a lizard or a small frog. These tiny critters can cause digestive upset in your dog and some shots might be required. Even if you don’t live in these areas, keep an eye on what your dog is getting into. If you think your dog has eaten something they shouldn’t have, call Stonebridge Animal Hospital to Read more
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Stem Cell Therapy

Gold Standard Treatment for Arthritis By Dr. Ed Mapes Stonebridge Animal Hospital Veterinary recommendations to alleviate arthritic pain in our patients have changed over a lot over the years.  In the case of hip dysplasia, for example, we’ve progressed from prescribing pain mediation and decreased exercise a few years ago to treatments that actually remove the discomfort and enable a more normal lifestyle.  The days of just providing pain meds are over. A surgical procedure called the Femoral Head and Neck Ostectomy (FHO) was the next best option available for these dogs.  This procedure called for surgical amputation of the Read more
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Greyhounds: A Special Breed with Special Considerations

By Dr. Ed Mapes Stonebridge Animal Hospital McKinney, TX Greyhounds: they can run like the wind and are loving pets, and have some medical issues that make them even more special.  This breed has more red blood cells and higher hemoglobin levels along with fewer white blood cells and platelets than other breeds.  They’re also predisposed to a blood clotting disorder due to Von Willibrand’s disease that can be associated with low thyroid hormone levels. The most important of the greyhound idiosyncrasies is a dramatic elevation in body temperature that can happen before, during, and after anesthetic procedures.  A rare Read more
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Inflammatory Bowel Disease

By Dr. Ed Mapes Stonebridge Animal Hospital McKinney, TX Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is a group of syndromes affecting the gastrointestinal tracts of dogs and cats.  IBD can affect any part of the small or large intestine, and can involve different inflammatory cells including eosinophils, plasma cells, and lymphocytes. IBD arises most commonly in middle-aged or older animals of either sex.  German Shepherds, Boxers, Yorkshire Terriers, and Wheaten Terriers seem more susceptible to the disorder.  We aren’t aware of any breed predilection in cats. It is thought that hypersensitivity reactions to an array of antigens – including foods, parasites, and Read more