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Getting a Certificate of Health For Pet Travel from McKinney, TX

If you are considering taking your dog on a trip, you might need a travel certificate. The airlines can let you know if one is required based on where you’re traveling to. Your vet will examine your pet as a part of the health certification process. The vet checks the shot records and may run some blood tests. The blood tests help ensure that your pet is healthy enough to travel. You will then receive a certificate of health to carry with you while you’re traveling. Keep this certificate handy so you can grab it quickly if asked for it. Contact Stonebridge Animal Hospital to get your certificate of health for pet Read more
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  • International Animal Health Certificate McKinney TX

How an International Animal Health Certificate can Help you Travel

All the details involved in planning an international trip can be daunting. It’s hard to know what you need to pack and which forms are important. If you plan on taking your family pet an International Animal Health Certificate is required. This paperwork can be overwhelming and must be filled out properly. Different countries have different regulations for animals travelling across their borders and you will need a professional on your side to help sort out all the details. At StoneBridge Animal Hospital, we are the only local animal hospital certified to provide an interstate and international health certificate for your Read more
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Health Certificates for Traveling Pets

Health Certificates for Traveling Pets By Dr. Ed Mapes Stonebridge Animal Hospital McKinney, Tx The USDA and governments around the world have specific requirements for pets transported across state and international borders. Pet owners traveling to another state should contact the State Veterinarian in the destination state for information about their requirements. A list of each state’s contact numbers can be found at the site below: The State Veterinarian office will give you that state’s requirements for health certificates on your animals. A USDA Accredited veterinarian in your area can then examine your pets, complete whatever services are required, Read more