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Getting a Certificate of Health For Pet Travel from McKinney, TX

If you are considering taking your dog on a trip, you might need a travel certificate. The airlines can let you know if one is required based on where you’re traveling to. Your vet will examine your pet as a part of the health certification process. The vet checks the shot records and may run some blood tests. The blood tests help ensure that your pet is healthy enough to travel. You will then receive a certificate of health to carry with you while you’re traveling. Keep this certificate handy so you can grab it quickly if asked for it. Contact Stonebridge Animal Hospital to get your certificate of health for pet Read more
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Animal medical center kitten & puppy wellness programs

Pets are an extension of our family. Loved and adored, it’s unthinkable that we wouldn’t provide a new addition to that family with the proper care. After adoption of a new pet, it’s important to look after their health by having their medical files up to date. This includes vaccinations, flea treatment, examinations for any current disease, and also a conversation of potentially spaying and neutering. Go home with a healthy addition to your family who will be as happy as the family who adopted them. Contact Stonebridge Animal Hospital in Mckinney TX to learn more about our animal wellness programs as well as Read more
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Stem Cells Regenerative Medicine vs Hip Surgery: The Evidence is Clear

By DR. ED MAPESSTONEBRIDGE ANIMAL HOSPITALMCKINNEY, TX Osteoarthritis in general (and hip dysplasia in particular) causes misery for a lot of dogs.  At our McKinney animal hospital, we see a great deal of dysplasia, because a lot of Labrador retrievers live in this area, but it can arise in any breed.  Treatment for this condition has long boiled down to two surgical procedures: the older method of Femoral Head and Neck Ostectomy (FHO) and the more modern approach of total hip replacement. FHO involves resecting the entire femoral head and neck so that no part of the leg contacts the Read more
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Give Your Pet the Best Veterinary Care at a McKinney Animal Hospital

When your pet is sick, it’s hard to know where to turn. You don’t want to depend on home remedies or a neighbor’s unproven (but well-meaning) advice. Your pet is part of your family, and nothing but the best will do. A McKinney animal hospital with a compassionate staff and state-of-the art-facilities provides excellent care for your dog, cat or other pet. A full-service animal hospital offers diagnostic, surgical and rehabilitation services as well as shots and check-ups. For your pet’s health and your peace of mind, visit Stonebridge, a McKinney animal hospital the next time your pet is ill. Read more
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The Truth about “Grain Free” Feeding

The Truth about “Grain Free” FeedingBy Dr. Ed MapesStonebridge Animal HospitalMcKinney, TX A great deal of information concerning the harmful effects of grain in pet diets is available on the internet; the problem is that much of this information is wrong.  We’ve been led to believe that dietary grains are the source of all gastroenteric ills of our pets, and that’s simply not the truth. At our McKinney animal hospital, we believe a lot of this stems from the published reports of wheat gluten causing celiac disease in humans; that has been transferred to pets and their foods as a Read more