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What Vets in McKinney Say About an Older Puppy Trying to Nurse

Bringing home a new puppy is a great joy for your family and the puppy. As time goes on, you might notice that your puppy still tries to nurse. They may find the nearest blanket, knead it with their paws and suck on the blanket. Some will even fall asleep while firmly biting on the blanket. Some dogs will do this as they get older as well. It is not uncommon to see a dog that is a few years old still trying to nurse. This usually happens because the puppy was removed from the mother too soon, or the mother weaned the dog too soon. If this behavior worries Read more
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What Vets in McKinney Think You Should Use to Bathe Your Dog

At some point, most people want to give their dog a bath. Some dogs will appreciate this time, while others won’t like it at all. However, it is a necessity to have a healthy dog. Keep your dog’s skin healthy by using a shampoo with oatmeal. After working the shampoo into the dog’s skin, let it sit for about 5 minutes. This allows the oatmeal an opportunity to work into the skin, making it healthier. A dog with healthy skin is comfortable, and a dog that’s comfortable is more relaxed and happy. Call Stonebridge Animal Hospital when you need advice Read more
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The Beauty of Adopting Rescues By Dr. Ed Mapes Stonebridge Animal Hospital McKinney, TX

The Beauty of Adopting Rescues By Dr. Ed Mapes Stonebridge Animal Hospital McKinney, TX As a vet in McKinney, TX, I provide services for the DFW Lab Rescue, DFW Pug Rescue, and the Legacy Humane Society; there are a lot of rescue dogs coming through this hospital.  We’ve all seen the commercials about the heartbreaking plight of many of these animals, and we know that it’s just hard to see.  Well, it’s even harder to witness these stories in real life.  Many of these animals have been rescued from terrible circumstances; they’re suffering from an array of medical conditions, and Read more
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Vet In McKinney, TX: Get The Best Pet Care With The Latest Treatments

In the past, our pets had to suffer with a lot of maladies that were largely untreatable.  Today, your vet in McKinney, TX has many new options for treating a wide variety of illnesses and conditions so that today’s pets can enjoy longer, healthier and happier lives.  You can count on your vet in McKinney, TX having the best and newest surgical techniques and medications to take care of your pet.  When you choose Stonebridge Animal Hospital, you can be sure that you’re getting the help of a vet who is at the forefront of animal care in North Texas. Read more
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Prevention of Gastric Dilatation/Volvulus

Prevention of Gastric Dilatation/Volvulus By Dr. Ed Mapes Stonebridge Animal Hospital McKinney, TX Gastric Dilatation/Volvulus (GDV), also known as “Bloat”, is a true emergency situation seen most commonly in larger breeds of dogs, but which can occur in any dog or cat in certain situations.  The syndrome involves an abnormal twisting of the stomach that constricts the esophagus and duodenum. Stomach contents that are then trapped in the stomach  produce gases that dilate the stomach to create the abdominal+ swelling seen with this condition. Large, deep-chested dogs are predisposed for GDV, and many factors can be involved in stimulating an Read more
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Vet In McKinney, TX: Overlong Soft Palate by Dr. Ed Mapes, Stonebridge Animal Hospital

Vet In McKinney, TX: Overlong Soft Palate by Dr. Ed Mapes, Stonebridge Animal Hospital The soft palate is located just behind the hard palate on the bridge of the mouth and is the floppy tissue where our uvula is located.  Your vet in McKinney, TX will tell you that, in dogs, this tissue sometimes protrudes too far toward the throat and interferes with breathing.  Dogs will gurgle, snort, cough, and wheeze sometimes because of this “overlong soft palate”. The suture is extending the abnormal tissue for resection with the laser.  You can understand how this flap of tissue obstructs breathing. Read more
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Vet In McKinney, TX: Hyperthermia And Heat Stroke By Dr. Ed Mapes, Stonebridge Animal Hospital

The onset of high ambient temperatures, especially when combined with elevated humidity, brings about increased risk of hyperthermia in our pets.  A vet in McKinney, TX knows that normal body temperatures range up to about 102 degrees Fahrenheit in dogs and cats. Hyperthermia is an elevation in body temperature from exposure to external heat that is above these normal levels. Hyperthermia can arise from medical abnormalities such as fever, inflammation, hyperthyroidism, excessive exercise, brain lesions, and a rare reaction to anesthesia.  Externally mediated hyperthermia is caused by prolonged exposure to excessive outdoor temperatures.   Animals with any of the above medical Read more
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Vet Mckinney TX: Pets are Family, Too!

Pets are a part of family, and family deserves full attention and proper care. Do you suspect that your dog is suffering from a health problem but can’t pinpoint any specificity? Need help from one of the best vet in McKinney TX? These are the top 10 most common problems: Heartworms Vomiting and Diarrhea Obesity Infectious Diseases Kennel Cough Lower Urinary Tract Problems Dental Disease Skin Problems Broken Bones Cancer Don’t let your pet suffer, and take him or her to Stonebridge Animal Hospital today. We aren’t just vets because it’s our job. Rest assured because our lives revolve around Read more
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Laser Surgery in Treatment of Brachycephalic Respiratory Syndrome

Laser Surgery in Treatment of Brachycephalic Respiratory Syndrome By Dr. Ed Mapes Stonebridge Animal Hospital McKinney, TX Imagine spending your life with a condition that forces you to struggle for every breath you take. This is what Brachycephalic Respiratory Syndrome does to the dogs and cats afflicted with this condition. Restrictions at various points in the upper airways cause the snorting, labored breathing, and gagging that these breeds are famous for; but the constant effort to breathe causes a number of other medical problems as well: Difficulty chewing and swallowing food Increased incidence of oral and dental disease Increased incidence Read more
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Vet McKinney TX: Caring for Your Senior Pet

If you have an aging pet, there are some common issues you’ll run into. Our pets age faster than we do, and their size and type matter. See some of the issues your vet in McKinney TX can help you with: Cancer Heart disease Kidney/urinary tract disease Liver disease Diabetes Joint or bone disease Senility Weakness Let the great staff at Stonebridge Animal Hospital help you care for your pet and make their life as comfortable as possible. We keep up on the newest interventions and medicines designed to aid your pet through their later years in the most pain-free Read more