Dermatology: Getting a Diagnosis and Correct Therapy at Stonebridge Animal Hospital in McKinney, Texas

Our pets suffer from a host of skin disorders, and our McKinney area veterinarians see more cases of dermatitis than those in many states because of the mild winters here.  Levels of pollen, mold, yeasts, and mites are much higher year-round; and a comprehensive allergy department is needed to sort out the causes and design individual treatment plans for each case.

Dr. Mapes has written several articles (see them on this web site) describing the types of skin disease, steps taken to determine causes, and the variety of medications and techniques available to treat patients.  We believe strongly that finding the true causes of skin disease and prescribing the most appropriate treatments is much better (and less expensive in the long run) than guesswork and long term corticosteroids to provide short term relief.

We begin by taking a thorough history of the skin problem – factors such as when the problem began, what areas of the body are affected, seasonality, and past history are very important clues.  A thorough physical exam that includes not only the appearance of the skin but all body systems is the next step – many skin problems are caused by disease elsewhere in the body.

This information leads to an individually designed set of tests that help to determine the cause or causes of the problem.  With a diagnosis in hand, we can then begin the correct treatment aimed at the true causes of the skin problems, avoiding guesswork, incorrect medications, and a worsening of the condition.

Skin disorders can be very complex, and we take cooperation between the pet owner and our animal hospital in McKinney seriously.  We’re absolutely willing to extend our efforts to help your pets overcome their skin problems.