New Veterinary Digital Radiography and Digital Dental Radiography in McKinney, Texas

X-Ray technology has taken giant leaps forward, and we at Stonebridge Animal Hospital in McKinney, Texas have the latest in digital radiography equipment.  These are two more pieces of cutting edge equipment that we use to aid our patients with the best care possible.

Compared with old X-Ray machines, our digital radiographs are clearer, with more diagnostic detail, and they’re faster to take and process.  We can also manipulate the images to enhance them for greater clarity and detail.

These incredible images allow us to identify problems that were missed with the old technology.  We can also bring radio-graphs to you in the examination room on a computer to discuss and explain the findings.

We can then point out areas of interest with arrows or circles, and write notes to explain the conditions.  These images can also be e-mailed directly to pet owners or to radiology specialists if there are questions.  This makes the whole process faster, far more efficient, and leads to more accurate diagnoses and treatment.

We also take digital dental X-Rays, using this advanced technology to aid in the diagnosis of tooth and gum conditions, identify tooth problems not seen above the gum line, monitor treatment, and perform complex dental surgery.  Even teeth that look normal above the gum line can have painful problems; this revolution in veterinary dentistry identifies this hidden trouble that causes pets to suffer.  These images can also be e-mailed to clients of our animal hospital in McKinney for their information and records.