State of the Art Pain Management for Patients at our Animal Hospital in McKinney, Texas

Decreased ability to exercise, difficulty in rising, inability to run or play, and lameness of the limbs are all examples of pain in our pets.  Alleviating pain is one of the most rewarding things we do at Stonebridge Animal Hospital.  We have developed techniques using state-of-the-art equipment to reduce or eliminate pain and suffering in our patients.  This is where our advanced radiology and laboratory facilities, Dr. Mapes’ extensive experience, and our state of the art equipment combine to help pets that could only suffer in years past.

Dr. Mapes has diagnosed and treated hundreds of patients with orthopedic injuries such as ruptured anterior cruciate ligament, luxatingpatellas, and various fractures.  These injuries are usually treated surgically, and then followed up with rehabilitation programs; but there are many conditions that call for other techniques.

Osteoarthritis of the joints and conditions of the spinal column are other common sites of chronic pain.  We have had remarkable success in returning these patients to a normal life with laser therapy sometimes combined with selected medications.  These pets’ lives are truly transformed with this care.

The laser therapy unit controls pain, reduces swelling, and inhibits inflammation of all types.  We use the laser in therapy for arthritic and spinal conditions that can cripple pets, to help surgical wounds heal faster, and to treat chronically painful ear infections.  In McKinney, this new technology has revolutionized the way veterinarians practice medicine, and helps pets in ways that weren’t possible even a few years ago.

Dr. Mapes is trained in performing hip replacement surgery, but may never perform that operation again because of stem cell regenerative therapy.  This remarkable new technique uses stem cells derived from the animal’s own fat tissue to alleviate even severe pain from arthritic conditions – most notably hip dysplasia.

Please contact the crew at Stonebridge Animal Hospital in McKinney, Texas for an orthopedic examination so that we can help your pet too, because they deserve it.

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