Top Surgical Services at Stonebridge Animal Hospital in Mckinney, TX

One look at our surgical suite at Stonebridge Animal Hospital in McKinney, Texas, and you’ll understand the care we give to our patients.  The newest in surgical equipment fills the room, and it’s all designed to make surgery safer and help pets heal more rapidly from their procedures.  Dr. Mapes is an accomplished and skillful surgeon, and our technicians are highly trained in prepping patients and monitoring anesthesia continuously throughout each surgery.

The addition of the laser surgical unit enables Dr. Mapes to make precise incisions that do not bleed, have much less pain, swelling and inflammation, and heal faster than with traditional scalpel incisions.  We use the laser on every surgery done at Stonebridge Animal Hospital so all of our patients have the enormous benefit of this fabulous technology in McKinney, TX.

Refer to our videos “Lola’s Laser Declaw”  and “Laser Surgical Incision” for  examples of how this technology has revolutionized surgery in veterinary medicine.

Dr. Mapes believes that there is “no routine surgery”, and we take every precaution to ensure our patients’ safety throughout the entire procedure and during recovery.  Pain control is also a major concern, and our patients are given medications before, during, and after surgery to minimize discomfort.  Combined with the laser, our patients have the greatest pain control possible.

Dr. Mapes enjoys surgery, and has taken multiple post-graduate training courses to stay on the cutting edge of the art.  One of his hospitals in Michigan was a referral surgical center for neighboring hospitals. We do complex surgical procedures such as intestinal anastomoses, urethrostomy, luxating patella transposition, anterior cruciate ligament repair, and endodontic procedures. Our laser allows us to perform procedures such as overlong palate resection, stenotic nares, and everted laryngeal saccular resection, and anal sacculectomy that are much more difficult with traditional equipment.

Your pets are in great hands when you trust them to our surgical team.

We also host groups interested in observing a live surgical procedure from inside the surgical suite!!  Please contact us for more information, and we’ll help make arrangements so that your group can have this great experience.