In-House Laboratory Suite at Stonebridge Animal Hospital in McKinney, Texas

We are proud to provide our clients with the most modern in-house laboratory facilities available in veterinary medicine, all at our McKinney location.  It takes only a few drops of blood and a few minutes of time to get full CBC, chemistry, and electrolyte panels on our patients.  This fast information is more convenient for pet owners and helps us make diagnostic decisions quickly – sometimes when those results are critically important.

We’re also able to get tests in our lab that we always had to send to reference labs before – electrolytes; cortisol, phenobarbital, acid/base status, and thyroid hormone levels are important examples.  This information is available here at our animal hospital in McKinney, TX, rather than waiting a day or more for results from outside labs.

Even our microscope is high-tech!  Images of whatever we see under the scope are transmitted to a computer screen, and we can show pet owners what we find; and then transmit the images to their home computers.  This is a great aid in explaining their pets’ conditions.