At Stonebridge Animal Hospital, our main focus is to ensure the good health and longevity of our patients. Dr. Mapes has designed programs especially tailored for dogs in different phases of their lives to detect disease early. Each program provides yearly comprehensive examinations and testing appropriate for their specific age group, and excludes procedures that are not needed. This approach ensures adequate care for each dog, and prevents owners from paying for services they don’t really need – that saves money.

The key to health maintenance is early detection of disease so that the right therapies can give our best chance of full recovery. Almost all disease worsens and becomes more difficult to cure when left untreated. Our goal is to prevent all of our patients from suffering in silence as disease robs them of their health.

Simple testing can check your dog’s liver and kidney function, white and red blood cell parameters, blood sugar levels, electrolytes and thyroid status. They can detect hidden infections, organic disease, anemia, and a host of other serious disorders. Sometimes a simple treatment is all it takes to avoid major health problems in your pet. The staff at Stonebridge Animal Hospital is devoted to keeping your dogs happy and healthy for as long as possible.

Select the program that fits your favorite canine below for more details:

Canine Maintenance Wellness Program
Canine Maintenance Plus Wellness Program
Canine Comprehensive Wellness Program
Canine Comprehensive Plus Wellness Program