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What Vets in McKinney Say About an Older Puppy Trying to Nurse

Bringing home a new puppy is a great joy for your family and the puppy. As time goes on, you might notice that your puppy still tries to nurse. They may find the nearest blanket, knead it with their paws and suck on the blanket. Some will even fall asleep while firmly biting on the blanket. Some dogs will do this as they get older as well. It is not uncommon to see a dog that is a few years old still trying to nurse. This usually happens because the puppy was removed from the mother too soon, or the mother weaned the dog too soon. If this behavior worries Read more
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Animal medical center kitten & puppy wellness programs

Pets are an extension of our family. Loved and adored, it’s unthinkable that we wouldn’t provide a new addition to that family with the proper care. After adoption of a new pet, it’s important to look after their health by having their medical files up to date. This includes vaccinations, flea treatment, examinations for any current disease, and also a conversation of potentially spaying and neutering. Go home with a healthy addition to your family who will be as happy as the family who adopted them. Contact Stonebridge Animal Hospital in Mckinney TX to learn more about our animal wellness programs as well as Read more
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Animal Hospital McKinney TX: Help Relieve Your Dog’s Itch

If your dog is itching more than normal, then you might think that they have fleas or mites, and you might pay a visit to the animal hospital McKinney TX for flea medication. If the dog’s skin becomes more sensitive, allergies may be the cause, and Stonebridge Animal Hospital can help determine what’s causing the allergies. Some dogs are allergic to pollen or grass, and during allergy season, you could notice your dog itching a lot more than they do during non-allergy season. An oatmeal bath could help until you can see the vet. If your dog is still itching Read more
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McKinney Animal Hospital: We Go Beyond Routine Care For You

Stonebridge Animal Hospital is a McKinney animal hospital that takes care of your pet’s needs. As a pet owner, you hope the only visits you will have to make to the vet will be for those routine care visits for shots and check ups, but unfortunately, there are other reasons you may need to see a vet and we are here to help you. Many common issues that cause pet owners to require extra visits to the vet include things like ear infections, renal failure, allergies, skin issues and tumors. We have seen it all and can give you the Read more
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Compounding Medications at Stonebridge

A wise professor once told me that medications don’t do any good when they’re still in the bottle. Many veterinary patients (especially kitties) resist taking tablets or capsules by mouth. In an effort to make life easier for pet owners and assure that patients receive the medications they need, Dr. Mapes is able to compound those drugs into liquid form. Dosing is usually much easier this way and has proven to be helpful for a lot of our patients at our animal hospital McKinney. Compounding medication is not difficult – mainly an exercise in mathematics. We calculate the milligrams of Read more
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Animal Hospital McKinney: Your Pet Is Family

At Stonebridge Animal Hospital McKinney, TX, we know your pet is just one of the family!  We know that they are part of what makes your family unit complete!  Whether you have a pet that is soft and cuddly or one who has a few more scales, we can take care of them for you.  We want to know that we love what we do and take care of each of our patients as if they were our own.  When you need an animal hospital McKinney, you need Stonebridge Animal Hospital!!  Call us today for your appointment at 469-507-2433.   Read more
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Cruciate Ligament Injuries: A New Therapeutic Approach

By Dr. Ed Mapes Stonebridge Animal Hospital McKinney, TX Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) disorders are very commonly seen in our canine patients; less so in felines. The ACL combines with the Posterior Cruciate Ligament to hold the femur in proper alignment with the tibia bone within the knee joint. Many factors are involved in damage to this important structure, and all of these must be taken into account when assessing an animal and the most appropriate treatment at your animal hospital McKinney. Partial or complete tears of the ACL can happen to any dog if acute trauma occurs. This usually involves Read more
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It’s What Lies Below that Counts:
Unseen Sources of Pain

By Dr. Ed Mapes Stonebridge Animal Hospital McKinney, TX There’s a very good reason that dentists obtain X-rays before starting any treatments in your mouth: most dental trouble lies secreted beneath the gum line, hidden from view. Oral disease is sneaky; teeth above the surface can look perfectly healthy while there’s actually painful trouble down below. Veterinarians use the same motivation when we do oral X-rays on our patients. We have to look deeper to find the a patient’s real oral problems. I never had access to dental X-rays before opening our animal hospital in McKinney, and I was a Read more
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The New Role of Stem Cells in Treating Cruciate Ligament Injuries

By Dr. Ed Mapes Stonebridge Animal Hospital McKinney, Tx Regenerative stem cells have a long and successful history in the treatment of ligament damage in horses. We are now adapting that technology to aid dogs and cats with arthritic conditions along with tendon and ligament damage. The most common ligaments being treated at our animal hospital McKinney are the anterior cruciates, sometimes in lieu of invasive surgical procedures. Cruciate ligament injuries fall into several categories: 1)   Long-standing, chronically affected knees in which surgery have never been performed. The body attempts to stabilize the joint with scar tissue and thickening Read more
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Dr. Mapes Explains Surgery at Our Animal Hospital in McKinney TX

Surgery on our Pets:  What Really Goes On Back There? When you drop off your pet for surgery at our animal hospital in McKinney TX, you are understandably concerned. You wonder, “what really goes on back there beyond those exam room doors?” This article will give you step-by-step answers to all of your pet surgery concerns. When they arrive, pets are placed in the care of the veterinary staff, which performs a number of tasks to keep the pets safe during surgical procedures. Here’s how we handle a typical surgical case: The pets are given a physical examination to estimate Read more