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Getting a Certificate of Health For Pet Travel from McKinney, TX

If you are considering taking your dog on a trip, you might need a travel certificate. The airlines can let you know if one is required based on where you’re traveling to. Your vet will examine your pet as a part of the health certification process. The vet checks the shot records and may run some blood tests. The blood tests help ensure that your pet is healthy enough to travel. You will then receive a certificate of health to carry with you while you’re traveling. Keep this certificate handy so you can grab it quickly if asked for it. Contact Stonebridge Animal Hospital to get your certificate of health for pet Read more
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Do You Need a Health Certificate for Your Pet When You Travel?

Do You Need a Health Certificate for Your Pet When You Travel? What is a pet health certificate? It is aimed at preventing the spread of disease and you need it when traveling in between states. Prior to your travels you should see your vet. They will do a physical exam to make sure your pet is healthy and that they do not have a contagious disease. It must be signed by a federally accredited vet, your pet needs to be up to date on their vaccines, and it is good for 30 days of travel. Make sure your pet Read more
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Health Certificate for Pet Travel McKinney TX: What to Do Before Trips

If you are planning a trip with your pet, you will need a health certificate for pet travel McKinney TX. Taking your pet with you when you travel can make the experience rewarding for you both. You won’t have any worries about leaving your furry family member behind while you travel, and you won’t have the extra expenses of keeping your pet in a pet care facility. If you have plans to travel within the U.S., the process of taking your pet along is quite easy, as long as you can book a spot at a lodging that is pet-friendly. Read more
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Think your Puppy has been Dewormed? Think Again

    By Dr. Ed Mapes Stonebridge Animal Hospital McKinney, TX Coccidia are one-celled protozoans that live within cells of the intestinal tract of animals. These organisms are capable of causing diarrhea that often contains blood. Inflammation of intestinal cells can result in bacteria and toxins entering the bloodstream, which causes a more serious disease. Coccidiosis affects young puppies most frequently; it is passed to them directly from their mother. When one puppy in a litter is found to have coccidian in a stool sample, the odds are good that the litter mates are also infected. Puppies are often given Read more
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Your local veterinarian in McKinney,TX offers advice on international pet travel and relocation

If you or your family has been transferred overseas, the question eventually comes up about whether or not to bring your family pet and what is involved in the process. Many people are also interested in traveling with their pets, however, if traveling internationally, many countries require a quarantine period that may be longer than your entire vacation. Before making a decision, the first step is to research the laws and regulations of the country to which you are going. Then find a veterinarian that’s experienced in international health certificates for animals, like Stonebridge Animal Hospital in McKinney, TX. While Read more