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Digestive Upset and Visiting the Animal Hospital in McKinney, TX

It seems like the more we know about dog health, the more there is to watch out for. If your dog spends time outdoors, there are dangers that you may not know exist. Locale can be an issue for dogs eating critters that they shouldn’t. In the southern states, your dog could try to eat a lizard or a small frog. These tiny critters can cause digestive upset in your dog and some shots might be required. Even if you don’t live in these areas, keep an eye on what your dog is getting into. If you think your dog has eaten something they shouldn’t have, call Stonebridge Animal Hospital to Read more
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McKinney Veterinarian: What an Expert Witness Can Add to Your Defense

When a McKinney veterinarian is facing the loss of their license due to an investigation, they need top-notch legal representation so they can continue to dedicate their career to helping animals. Having an expert witness or a second opinion as part of your defense can be invaluable to the success of your case. An expert witness can help the defense of your veterinarian client by providing testimony that is based on sufficient facts and data and is a product of reliable principles and methods. If you are a veterinarian facing a lawsuit, Dr. Mapes of Stonebridge Animal Hospital can help. He Read more
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Veterinarian in McKinney, TX: Answering your Post-Op Questions, Part 2

After your pet has surgery with a veterinarian in McKinney, TX, you may have some questions or concerns. In our last post, we discussed what to do about your pet’s decreased appetite and lack of bowel movement after surgery. In this article, we will discuss two other common post-op concerns of pet owners: questions about vomiting and how to know if your pet is in pain. Post-Op Vomiting Overeating or drinking excessive amounts of water are common causes of post-op vomiting. It’s important to offer these in moderation when a pet returns home. The after-effects of anesthesia can cause nausea Read more
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Veterinarian in McKinney, TX: Signs of Feline Immunodeficiency Virus

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus By Dr. Ed Mapes Stonebridge Animal Hospital McKinney, TX As a veterinarian in McKinney, TX, I see patients come in with symptoms of Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), which is in the same family of viruses as the more-familiar Feline Leukemia Virus. Cats infected with this virus may never actually become ill, but infection often eventually leads to a state of immune deficiency that hinders the cat’s ability to ward off diseases from other organisms. These infections are the cause for many of the diseases associated with FIV. The virus is most commonly spread between cats when they fight and bite Read more
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Veterinarian In McKinney, TX: Get the Right Vaccines for Your Pet

When it comes to vaccinating your pets, you want the best veterinarian in McKinney, TX that you can find, and Stonebridge Animal Hospital at 469.507.2433 provides the latest vaccines your pet needs, depending on its size. Vaccines are not a one-size-fits all medication; your veterinarian in McKinney, TX knows that smaller pets need smaller doses, given at different times. Otherwise, your dog or cat can become sick from the overdose. Normally, your pet might throw up from too much vaccines, but in rare occasions, pets have perished. To keep your pet happy, healthy and protected from diseases, call Stonebridge Animal Hospital to Read more
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“Clean, Pull and Send Home”
Yesterday’s Pet Dentistry should be a thing of the past

Dr. Ed Mapes Stonebridge Animal Hospital Vet McKinney, TX  Veterinary dentistry is advancing with the times as new information becomes available, equipment technology is improved, and more effective treatments are developed.  It’s up to individual vets in McKinney to capitalize on these opportunities and thereby provide better service to our patients. Pets can’t tell us when their mouths hurt, and the majority of the pathology lies below the gum line where it’s hidden from view. Beneath an apparently healthy tooth often lurks unseen disease that causes pain and undue suffering for animals. Signs of discomfort are usually subtle; pet owners Read more
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Herpes Viral Infections in Cats by Dr. Mapes – McKinney Veterinarian

People susceptible to cold sores understand the nature of herpes viral infection. Once we’re infected with the virus, it stays with us permanently and causes an outbreak either when the body is stressed, or due to certain medications, or for no apparent reason. Herpes viral disease in cats behaves in the same way; exposure leads to permanent herpes virus infection and intermittent bouts of an illness called rhinotracheitis. Exposed cats don’t exhibit symptoms for 5-7 days, but are contagious to other cats right away, and can pass the virus on for up to three weeks or more. Symptoms Infection causes Read more
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Veterinarians in McKinney TX Discuss Advances in Veterinary Medicine: The Dawn of Digital Radiography

Radiography has taken a major leap forward, and veterinarians in McKinney TX and all over the world now have access to this new digital technology that represents major advances in patient care. Computed Radiography (CR) is a new form of X-ray imaging in which digital sensors capture images, instead of traditional photographic film.After we capture the images on sensors, the information is fed into software that transforms it into visible images on a computer screen. We can manipulate the images to enlarge or hone in on a particle segment for increased clarity. We are able to produce images of incredible Read more
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Stuffy Nose in Your Pet? Call Your McKinney Animal Clinic

  Animals with shortened noses and mouths are called the brachycephalic breeds. We all know how certain dog breeds like Bulldogs, Boston terriers, Boxers, Shih Tzus, Lhasa Apsos, Pekingese, and Pugs look like they ran head first into a wall. Persians are examples of brachycephalic cats. These animals are well known for the snorting, gurgling, and drooling they do, and it can all be associated with being a brachycephalic. Some of these animals can have severe airway restrictions that make breathing even more difficult, a situation that can become life threatening under certain conditions. Unfortunately, those unfortunate animals suffer from Read more
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McKinney Veterinarians Warn About Heat Related Illness in Your Pets

High environmental temperatures, especially with elevated humidity, pose a serious risk of heat injury to our pets. Those especially vulnerable are animals with heart conditions, obesity, large and very muscular breeds, brachycephalics, and older pets. Our McKinney veterinarians see very few cats with heat injuries, but they are certainly susceptible as well. Those trapped in enclosed areas without fresh air can succumb rapidly. Heat injury occurs when body temperatures rise in excess of 105F degrees. Elevated body temperatures and rapid fluid loss causes hypovolemic shock and damage to all organs and tissues in the body. There are ascending stages of Read more