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What Vets in McKinney Think You Should Use to Bathe Your Dog

At some point, most people want to give their dog a bath. Some dogs will appreciate this time, while others won’t like it at all. However, it is a necessity to have a healthy dog. Keep your dog’s skin healthy by using a shampoo with oatmeal. After working the shampoo into the dog’s skin, let it sit for about 5 minutes. This allows the oatmeal an opportunity to work into the skin, making it healthier. A dog with healthy skin is comfortable, and a dog that’s comfortable is more relaxed and happy. Call Stonebridge Animal Hospital when you need advice Read more
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Vets in McKinney TX: We Take Care of Your Pet

Pet ownership is good not only for the pet but for the family or individual that adopts them.  There are numerous studies that have proven the health benefits of having a great companion with you each day.  They improve your life both through the physical and emotional bonds they create.  They can also be the key to keeping you in shape when you take them for walks each day.  Whatever the reason you might need to visit vets in McKinney TX, you want one who understands how special your pet is.  That place is Stonebridge Animal Hospital.   Call us Read more
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Luxating Patellas as a Cause of Ruptured Anterior Cruciate Ligaments

Several important structures contribute to stability of the knee joint (see Figure 1).  The cruciate ligaments (both anterior and posterior) are central in their support of proper alignment.  The patellar tendon, which extends from a large set of muscles on the femur, proceeds over the patella and then attaches to a point on the tibia bone, and stabilizes the knee in the same direction as the anterior cruciate ligament. Figure 1 illustrates the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments and trochlear groove. The patellar tendon assists the anterior cruciate ligament in controlling abnormal motion in the joint.  Together they help keep Read more
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FAQ about Preventative Maintenance Exams at a McKinney Animal Hospital

Most vets recommend you take your pet in for a preventative exam twice a year, whether the animal shows signs of ill health or not. A wellness exam helps vets spot any problems owners may not notice. Here are a few things new pet owners and people who’ve never taken an animal to the vet before can expect before, during and after a visit. How Do I Prepare my Pet for an Exam?   A few days before the exam, pay closer attention to your pet’s eating and drinking habits. How much food does your pet eat? Do you need Read more