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What Vets in McKinney Think You Should Use to Bathe Your Dog

At some point, most people want to give their dog a bath. Some dogs will appreciate this time, while others won’t like it at all. However, it is a necessity to have a healthy dog. Keep your dog’s skin healthy by using a shampoo with oatmeal. After working the shampoo into the dog’s skin, let it sit for about 5 minutes. This allows the oatmeal an opportunity to work into the skin, making it healthier. A dog with healthy skin is comfortable, and a dog that’s comfortable is more relaxed and happy. Call Stonebridge Animal Hospital when you need advice Read more
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Toxic Toads: When to See the Veterinarians McKinney TX

If your pet has come in contact with a poisonous toad, they likely need attention from veterinarians McKinney TX. Certain toads can be deadly to pets, especially dogs, so call Stonebridge Animal Hospital at (469) 507-2433 and let them know that you are on your way. Some toads can cause your pet to have seizures or vomit uncontrollably. If you notice this happening, grab a water bottle and rinse out your pet’s mouth on your way to the vet. The water helps remove the venom the toad left in your pet’s system. Do not delay in calling veterinarians McKinney TX if you feel your Read more
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Our Animal Hospital in McKinney Cares for Your Pet Like You Would

You love your pet, but from allergies to injuries, from illnesses to pain management, there are all kinds of reasons why you might need an animal hospital in McKinney during their life. And when those times come, you want to be sure that your pet will be cared for with compassion, professionalism, and diligence. Stonebridge Animal Hospital is your comprehensive source for animal care. We can perform many surgeries, offer thorough rehabilitation services for your companions, and much more. If your pet is wounded, ill or aging, or if you have recently brought a new pet into the family, contact Read more
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Alicam: New Diagnostic Technology at Our Animal Hospital in McKinney

Diagnosis of gastrointestinal problems can be challenging and can involve multiple procedures to determine cause(s) of vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, reduced protein levels, and other chronic symptoms. At our animal hospital in McKinney, we use blood profiles and specific tests for pancreatic, liver, and intestinal disorders. Stool analyses, radiographs, barium contrast radiographs, ultrasound, and endoscopy are also tests available to aid in our efforts to diagnose patients. An innovative technology has become available, and it allows us for the first time to visualize images of the entire gastrointestinal tract from stomach to colon. At our animal hospital in McKinney, we can Read more
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Veterinarian in McKinney, TX: Answering your Post-Op Questions, Part 1

When your pet is hospitalized after a surgical procedure by a veterinarian in McKinney, TX, it can be stressful, especially for animals predisposed to separation anxiety. This can actually be enough to cause nausea, diarrhea, and loss of appetite after hospitalization for some pets. The effects are not longstanding, but can last for a couple of days after hospitalization and surgery. We try to give thorough instructions to owners when their pets are released after surgery, but questions sometimes still come up. Two common questions are: why does my pet have a decreased appetite and lack of bowel movement? Here are some Read more
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Your Pet Will Smile After a Visit to the Veterinarian in McKinney, TX

Whether it’s a checkup or a serious illness, the veterinarian in McKinney, TX can help make you and your pet smile again. When your pet is sick, it’s easy to feel helpless. After all, they can’t tell you what’s wrong. So, you want a veterinarian that cares and treats your pet as if it’s their own. The best veterinarian is one that takes the time to answer all your questions and make sure that you know exactly how to continue your pet’s care at home. Take your pet to the veterinarian in McKinney, TX that loves them as much as you do. Call Read more
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Veterinarian in McKinney, TX Helps You Recognize GDV in Your Pets

By Dr. Ed Mapes Stonebridge Animal Hospital McKinney, TX Gastric Dilatation/Volvulus (GDV) cases are among the true emergencies for a veterinarian in McKinney, TX. Time is crucial with these GDV patients, because they deteriorate so rapidly; they can go from being happy and healthy to dangerously sick within 12 hours. Recognition by pet owners is therefore essential in our efforts to save these dogs; the sooner we see them, the better our chances to save them. Breed predisposition is an important consideration, because owners of certain dogs need to be more aware of this disorder to spot it early. Great Danes are the most likely breed to Read more
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The Beauty of Adopting Rescues By Dr. Ed Mapes Stonebridge Animal Hospital McKinney, TX

The Beauty of Adopting Rescues By Dr. Ed Mapes Stonebridge Animal Hospital McKinney, TX As a vet in McKinney, TX, I provide services for the DFW Lab Rescue, DFW Pug Rescue, and the Legacy Humane Society; there are a lot of rescue dogs coming through this hospital.  We’ve all seen the commercials about the heartbreaking plight of many of these animals, and we know that it’s just hard to see.  Well, it’s even harder to witness these stories in real life.  Many of these animals have been rescued from terrible circumstances; they’re suffering from an array of medical conditions, and Read more
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Vet In McKinney, TX: Get The Best Pet Care With The Latest Treatments

In the past, our pets had to suffer with a lot of maladies that were largely untreatable.  Today, your vet in McKinney, TX has many new options for treating a wide variety of illnesses and conditions so that today’s pets can enjoy longer, healthier and happier lives.  You can count on your vet in McKinney, TX having the best and newest surgical techniques and medications to take care of your pet.  When you choose Stonebridge Animal Hospital, you can be sure that you’re getting the help of a vet who is at the forefront of animal care in North Texas. Read more
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Prevention of Gastric Dilatation/Volvulus

Prevention of Gastric Dilatation/Volvulus By Dr. Ed Mapes Stonebridge Animal Hospital McKinney, TX Gastric Dilatation/Volvulus (GDV), also known as “Bloat”, is a true emergency situation seen most commonly in larger breeds of dogs, but which can occur in any dog or cat in certain situations.  The syndrome involves an abnormal twisting of the stomach that constricts the esophagus and duodenum. Stomach contents that are then trapped in the stomach  produce gases that dilate the stomach to create the abdominal+ swelling seen with this condition. Large, deep-chested dogs are predisposed for GDV, and many factors can be involved in stimulating an Read more